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Wasps and Humans Frolicking to the Sounds of Classical Music in Slow Motion (VIDEO)

It was 98 degrees and felt like 130 (to me). Gravel trails winded through grassy prairies that were lightly sprinkled with bright and pointy flowers. Something about the flowers seemed fitting for such parched summer days. Small swarms of wasps buzzed by, which also seemed appropriate. Humans strolled through one of the more landscaped areas: kids played around a stream; families walked…

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Samba Saved Me

For me, writing has less to do with knowing how to write and more to do with how to think. If my world is dull, my writing will be dull. But some days are like that, dull — even in amazing places, like São Paulo, Brazil. No matter where you go, the day-to-day grind will follow, all those little things…

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Talking Walls of Paris

If you walk slowly through Paris and look around, you might notice the walls are almost constantly trying to say something. Sometimes it’s a simple reminder to think, or perhaps it’s a remnant of the values humanity holds dearest, like liberty, and then often it’s something I don’t understand at all. Here are a few random pieces I saw, mostly…

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Enchanted In Debussy’s Paris

My greatest moments in Paris were the times that there was no pressure for anything to happen. Now it’s my last day here, and I woke up feeling overwhelmed by all that I haven’t seen yet. It really is a complete waste of a thought, since it detracts from all the amazing things I did see, sort of like going…

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Little Deed at the Oxford Art Factory

Last night, there was a small show at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney, and a local band called Little Deed just killed it with a pretty gorgeous performance. We got there just in time to catch the last few songs of their set, and within seconds of arriving we were exchanging looks of bewilderment – “is this seriously happening…

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