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Mining the Past: Family Edition

Why fly to Minneapolis for the weekend, just to scan hundreds of photos? Well, they were much more than just family photos. They were our tribe, trapped inside boxes my aunt has been storing since the last of her parents died in 2003, my grandmother. Left behind were the photos spanning generations that brought the Stienstra and Dykstra names from the…

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Beyond Indigenous Texas: Time is a Weapon

The great thing about prehistory is that, by definition, it is a time period before written records. So there’s less information about this time period, which means it’s easy to get a bird-eye view of a few thousand years without getting too lost in the details. Hand me any recent decade and I can wander through its endless volumes of…

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Texas, 1835 — Gamaliel Bradford

Beyond Indigenous Texas: Intro

It’s surely quite natural that humans are most concerned with their immediate history – what happened yesterday, or last week. Last year and the last decade might come up here and there, and every once in a while we might even think about the last few hundred years. Like that one time in the 1830s, when the Anglo-American settlers arrived…

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Spinning at the Museum

It’s almost never interesting to read about someone else’s visit to the museum. It’s like telling someone about a weird dream you had (which I do all the time), one of those had-to-be there kinda things. So I’m going to tell you about (part of) a visit I took to the Deutsches Museum today (i.e. last Saturday). I’m writing as…

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Enchanted In Debussy’s Paris

My greatest moments in Paris were the times that there was no pressure for anything to happen. Now it’s my last day here, and I woke up feeling overwhelmed by all that I haven’t seen yet. It really is a complete waste of a thought, since it detracts from all the amazing things I did see, sort of like going…

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singapore voor

At the Nursery of Nations

The nation of Singapore turns 50 this year, meaning this place is still a total baby (the land of Singapore goes way back though, like all the way back to those good ol’ Pangea days). It’s safe to assume (“safe” as in you won’t get hurt… but possibly wrong) that almost everyone you see here is only a generation or two away from…

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