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The Next Big Thing for Writers?

No matter where you’re at in history, the latest technology looks like a pathetic version of the future’s technology. We’re picky little creatures, and we have enough ingenuity to know we can do better, so that’s what we do. The better things get, the more pathetic the old stuff starts to look. And of course, we’re just getting started. While it’s…

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National Geographic

A First for Science: Wild Animals Communicate with Humans

Humans in Mozambique are good at collecting honey, but they’re bad at finding hives. Meanwhile, birds called “honeyguides” are good at finding hives, but bad at collecting honey. So the two species found a way to communicate to each other, and now there’s honey for everyone. 

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The Secret Handshake of Language

There’s a secret to every language. Ask anyone who speaks English as a second language, “Are there any concepts in your native language that you struggle to express when speaking English?” Almost everyone will have at least one and some will give you a whole list. For example, many English speakers are familiar with the word Schadenfreude, which translates from German…

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