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My family history map, zoomed in on the Netherlands — from

How to Map Your Family History

Humans can do some incredible things when you put 3.7 billion of us in the same room together. That’s essentially what happened with the internet — it connected diverse people and places around the world, and of course, it’s still growing. And when it comes to humans, we do some pretty incredible things when we’re connected. Like, build huge family…

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Filtered Nature in the Riviera Maya

A group of tourists ran up to a lanky ball of fur, which was curled up on a sidewalk at our resort in the Riviera Maya. “Look! It’s a monkey!” Phones and cameras took over the scene and snapped away for a few seconds, people shrieked and giggled, and then they continued walking. That same monkey kept showing up, and the…

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3 Startling Maps of Guns in America

In the wake of Orlando’s tragic shooting where 49 people were killed, the gun control debate has exploded again on social media. Memes and stats are thrown from each side, and others sit by, watching it all happen. To view it from another angle, I turned to maps.

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Mapping Deforestation: 800 Palm Oil Mills

Each dot on the map below shows the precise location of a palm oil mill in Indonesia and Malaysia. Palm oil matters, because it is one of the biggest drivers of deforestation. Forests are cleared to make room for massive plantations who produce it. From there, the palm oil is shipped around the world, and used to produce roughly half of…

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It has been said, that 80% of all information can be geo-referenced. That is, the information relates to a precise location on the globe. Consider Albert Einstein, for example. After failing the entrance exam to attend his dream school in Zurich, he moved to Aarau, Switzerland to complete his secondary schooling. It was there, that he wrote the following for a school essay:

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