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Time Shopping

I just went calendar shopping. What a fiasco. I’m no expert in psychology, but I’ve watched enough Derren Brown and studied enough on my own to know the things we see throughout a day can be extremely formative of our thoughts and choices we make. Hell, why would advertisers drop billions each year just to get a little slice of…

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My family history map, zoomed in on the Netherlands — from

How to Map Your Family History

Humans can do some incredible things when you put 3.7 billion of us in the same room together. That’s essentially what happened with the internet — it connected diverse people and places around the world, and of course, it’s still growing. And when it comes to humans, we do some pretty incredible things when we’re connected. Like, build huge family…

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Bubble bursting — Image from

Why I Love the Comments Section

If there’s one thing everyone knows, it’s that humans don’t know what they’re talking about. I was reminded of this on Quora the other day when someone asked, “Is there any one thing in the world that all humans agree on?” The most up-voted response went like this: “Yes, Everyone thinks the world has too many idiots. This is a view…

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Filtered Nature in the Riviera Maya

A group of tourists ran up to a lanky ball of fur, which was curled up on a sidewalk at our resort in the Riviera Maya. “Look! It’s a monkey!” Phones and cameras took over the scene and snapped away for a few seconds, people shrieked and giggled, and then they continued walking. That same monkey kept showing up, and the…

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Wingsuits: 100 Years Ago vs. Today (VIDEO)

When humans learned to stitch threads together thousands of years ago, no one could have foreseen just how advanced and specialized clothing would eventually become. From swimsuits to spacesuits to work suits and jumpsuits, clothing always has us covered (thanks, clothing. I owe you one). One decade after the Wright Brother’s first flight of 1903, the revolution of flight met…

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Death Simulator Meets Internet

You can pay $68 to experience a simulation of death and birth in Shanghai, China. The New museum is called Xinglai, which means “awaken” in Chinese. Naturally, the mishmash of people and cultures in the Internet-sphere has had mixed reactions. One person commented, “Why do people want to try this? I mean are they so fed up with their lives that they want…

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Work in America

Once upon a while ago, I stayed with a family in the Netherlands for a couple weeks, and I remember the father spending an entire Monday afternoon in the backyard gardening. I was 16 at the time, and I asked him why he wasn’t at work, which naturally set the stage for one of those cultural learning moments that would stick…

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Shop ’til the Rainforest Drops

And here I am once again, 30 thousand feet above the planet in my chair in the sky. I’m looking back at my trip in hopes of finding some clarity in the total blur of a picture I got of Singapore. This place was unlike anywhere I’ve visited before, and as often happens in new places, it was a lot…

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singapore voor

At the Nursery of Nations

The nation of Singapore turns 50 this year, meaning this place is still a total baby (the land of Singapore goes way back though, like all the way back to those good ol’ Pangea days). It’s safe to assume (“safe” as in you won’t get hurt… but possibly wrong) that almost everyone you see here is only a generation or two away from…

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