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Riviera Maya: Seeing it is Just the Start

My wife and I have been married for about a week, and now we’re kicking back on a beach in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This vacation has been unlike anything we’ve ever done — mostly because it’s all so … well, turn-key and tourist-ready — far from the off-the-beaten-path adventures we typically seek. The area is dotted with hundreds of resorts,…

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Deep inside a cave outside the tiny French village of Bruniquel, researchers found pieces of stalagmite arranged in the shape of a rings. The structures are 176,000 years old, but humans only arrived in Europe 40,000 years ago. So who made them? Someone else who was living in Europe at the time: Neanderthals.

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Beyond Indigenous Texas: Time is a Weapon

The great thing about prehistory is that, by definition, it is a time period before written records. So there’s less information about this time period, which means it’s easy to get a bird-eye view of a few thousand years without getting too lost in the details. Hand me any recent decade and I can wander through its endless volumes of…

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Texas, 1835 — Gamaliel Bradford

Beyond Indigenous Texas: Intro

It’s surely quite natural that humans are most concerned with their immediate history – what happened yesterday, or last week. Last year and the last decade might come up here and there, and every once in a while we might even think about the last few hundred years. Like that one time in the 1830s, when the Anglo-American settlers arrived…

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