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Thanks, Internet

If you browse the Internet enough, you’re bound to utter the phrase at some point. “Thanks, Internet.” Sometimes it comes out sarcastically, like when you do some quick online shopping for a new shower squeegee, and it turns into a 1-hour pursuit through the drudgery of Amazon reviews about the best and worst features of each one out there (and…

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Screen overload — Image from Health CGB

The Next Big Thing for Writers?

No matter where you’re at in history, the latest technology looks like a pathetic version of the future’s technology. We’re picky little creatures, and we have enough ingenuity to know we can do better, so that’s what we do. The better things get, the more pathetic the old stuff starts to look. And of course, we’re just getting started. While it’s…

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Why I Love the Comments Section

If there’s one thing everyone knows, it’s that humans don’t know what they’re talking about. I was reminded of this on Quora the other day when someone asked, “Is there any one thing in the world that all humans agree on?” The most up-voted response went like this: “Yes, Everyone thinks the world has too many idiots. This is a view…

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We Can All Do More. Let’s Start Saturday.

Judy Brey says she’s not a writer, but she’s written an entire virtual magazine. She’s not in tech, but she’s built an app. She’s not a biologist, but her work saves endangered species. The thing that sets her apart from others is simple: Judy understands what’s happening to the world’s dwindling populations of elephants, rhinos, and other biodiversity — and she…

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Wingsuits: 100 Years Ago vs. Today (VIDEO)

When humans learned to stitch threads together thousands of years ago, no one could have foreseen just how advanced and specialized clothing would eventually become. From swimsuits to spacesuits to work suits and jumpsuits, clothing always has us covered (thanks, clothing. I owe you one). One decade after the Wright Brother’s first flight of 1903, the revolution of flight met…

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Death Simulator Meets Internet

You can pay $68 to experience a simulation of death and birth in Shanghai, China. The New museum is called Xinglai, which means “awaken” in Chinese. Naturally, the mishmash of people and cultures in the Internet-sphere has had mixed reactions. One person commented, “Why do people want to try this? I mean are they so fed up with their lives that they want…

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Spinning at the Museum

It’s almost never interesting to read about someone else’s visit to the museum. It’s like telling someone about a weird dream you had (which I do all the time), one of those had-to-be there kinda things. So I’m going to tell you about (part of) a visit I took to the Deutsches Museum today (i.e. last Saturday). I’m writing as…

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