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Palmettos and trees at Palmetto State Park, Texas

State Parks of Texas: Islands of Life

And there goes another successful day of exploring life in the great outdoors. This time, I explored a state park about one hour south of my urban little bubble of Austin, Texas. My last outdoor adventure led to salamanders galore in one of the city parks (western slimy salamanders to be specific, or, “Plethodon albagula“), so I was eager to…

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You’re Surrounded by Living Treasures

I’ve always had a thing for finding elusive critters in the wild. As a kid, I’d often explore our backyard and scan the garden for garter snakes. They’re a rather common species, but they were always so hard to find. If I was lucky, I’d only find one every few weeks or so. That’s what always got me, just, knowing they’re…

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Cobra with an Irula tribesman. Photo: AP/Representational

Snakes for the Sake of Making It

Invasive python species are a big problem in Florida, wreaking havoc on mammal populations like rabbits and deer in the area. While no one knows how many are out there, population estimates range from 30,000 to 300,000 Burmese Pythons, and they can grow to more than 20 feet in length. To combat the problem, biologists have used tracking devices, trained…

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O'brien Bay, Antarctica — Image: Dominic Hall/Australian Antarctic Division

Antarctica: Alive and Full of Color (VIDEO)

Antarctica probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think about our planet’s diverse, colorful lifeforms. But if you cut through all that ice and swim to the bottom without freezing to death, you’ll find a scene that looks straight out of a fantastical Dr. Seuss book. Or, you can just outsource the job to a robot,…

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Filtered Nature in the Riviera Maya

A group of tourists ran up to a lanky ball of fur, which was curled up on a sidewalk at our resort in the Riviera Maya. “Look! It’s a monkey!” Phones and cameras took over the scene and snapped away for a few seconds, people shrieked and giggled, and then they continued walking. That same monkey kept showing up, and the…

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Scrotum Frog (Telmatobius culeus) — Photo by Pete Oxford / Minden Pictures

What Killed 10,000 Endangered ‘Scrotum’ Frogs in Peru?

The most striking part of this headline is not that there’s a real animal that humans decided to call the “scrotum frog.” But there is, so let’s take a moment to acknowledge that. Just look at its saggy skin. Laugh if you’d like; get it out of your system. Okay, now start crying. Scrotum frogs are the world’s largest aquatic…

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Saturday’s March For Elephants and Rhinos

“Extinction is forever!” a loud voice belted through a megaphone. “Stop poaching now!” the mighty crowd of about 65 activists chanted back with fists in the air. We were among the thousands of people who marched through 150 cities around the world to participate in this year’s Global March For Elephants and Rhinos. Why? As I recently wrote, things look…

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We Can All Do More. Let’s Start Saturday.

Judy Brey says she’s not a writer, but she’s written an entire virtual magazine. She’s not in tech, but she’s built an app. She’s not a biologist, but her work saves endangered species. The thing that sets her apart from others is simple: Judy understands what’s happening to the world’s dwindling populations of elephants, rhinos, and other biodiversity — and she…

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How Not to Control Nature (VIDEO)

When 2.2 million acres of Wyoming’s pristine nature were set aside as a national park in 1872, we called it Yellowstone National Park. There was one problem, however: wolves. They were scary to the human visitors. So, to summarize what happened next, the humans resolved to have them all killed. By 1926, the wolves were all gone. Problem solved, right? Not…

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DSC_5069_Unalaska school district 300px

New Whale Species Hiding in High School Gym

New species are hard to find. Even huge swimming mammals of the cetacean order, a category of animals encompassing 89 species of whales and dolphins, all which breathe the same air you and I do. The most abundant of the cetaceans are also the most elusive, beaked whales, which account for roughly a quarter of the order (nature rhymes) and…

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