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I just realized it’s been a while since I last posted on my beloved Life On a Planet blog. It’s not that I haven’t had interesting experiences or topics on my mind. It’s just that, somewhere throughout, I seem to have forgotten that this whole thing is just a blog. Nothing more.

Such a basic thought, I know, but quite liberating when you really think about it. Cuz blogs should be fun, a playground for the mind to waddle around and jump into thought-puddles, make a splash, mix shitty metaphors if you want and leave all worries aside regarding how it’s all perceived.

They’re also great for pondering random questions, like, how interesting is it that you’re related to slugs, whales, and nematodes?

And, if the universe is indeed predetermined, how did it destine those three animals to come to mind out of the thousands that could have been named?

Why do eyes become watery when you think about them becoming dry?

Why do so many couples seem to look like each other?

That kinda thing (and I’m so, so tempted to just Google those last two questions, but who has time for such rabbit trails at a moment like this — 1:16 a.m. and the next day’s full work load awaiting?).

That’s the cool thing about blogs. They’re a blank slate for anything you just gotta get out.

And I guess this is what I needed it for right now, to publicly drop the perfectionism and remind myself, this is only a blog.

That’s all for now, but I’ll hopefully be back (sooner rather than later) for more.

Coming up next, just a little thing that happened the other day: my wife and I had a baby. Yeah, no biggie.

Maybe that’s why I’m reminding myself this is a blog. Cuz the more important a topic is to me, the easier it is to take so seriously that I never feel satisfied with the words selected to describe it.

So, no big deal. Just the birth of my child.

I’ll be back.

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